Research shows that about 13% of orthodontists report seeing patients who previously attempted DIY teeth straightening. If you are among the majority 65% of the population with bite problems, you will likely experience various oral health issues depending on your teeth arrangement.

An ideal way to correct a bad bite and boost your confidence is by getting Invisalign aligners. Wearing these orthodontic appliances will gently push your teeth to the correct position and enhance your smile.

Are you wondering whether getting Invisalign aligners can correct your bite? Read on to discover the various alignment issues you can solve with these appliances. We’ll also mention their benefits and discuss the practices to observe when wearing them for the best results.


An overbite or overjet refers to an alignment issue caused by the top teeth sticking out too far from the lower set. While each person needs a certain degree of a natural and healthy overbite, having a large gap between the upper and lower gums can cause issues.

For example, when you close your mouth, the top teeth are more exposed, which increases the risk of injury. This issue can also make it challenging to chew food and cause discomfort.

More issues associated with overbites are:

  • Jaw pain
  • Speech problems
  • Uneven teeth wear
  • Difficulty opening and closing the mouth

Getting Invisalign aligners is a perfect way to fix an overbite and avoid these issues. Wearing these appliances will gradually move the jaws and help you achieve a healthy gap between the upper and lower teeth sets.


Another common teeth alignment issue you can fix with Invisalign aligners is an underbite. This refers to a situation whereby your bottom teeth are at the front of the top set when you close your mouth. Most cases of underbites are due to genetics, trauma, tumors, and childhood habits like sucking the thumb.

Since the natural alignment involves the upper set at the front, this teeth pattern can lead to many issues. Such include sleep apnea, chronic bad breath, mouth breathing, and difficulty when chewing.

While underbites are easier to treat on developing jaws, adults can still get treatment. Wearing Invisalign aligners paired with rubber bands or other attachments is ideal for correcting such bite issues. These appliances will slowly readjust the lower jaw by pulling it back to the needed position.


A crossbite refers to when some bottom teeth sit in front of the upper ones. Depending on the teeth involved, you may either have a front or backcross bite. While this type of teeth alignment is mainly due to genetics, it’s also attributable to poor oral habits and an early loss of baby teeth.

Getting Invisalign aligners is an ideal way to fix a crossbite. Using these orthodontic appliances, you can pull back the teeth sticking out to achieve the right alignment. Still, if the crossbite is due to a jaw development issue, you may need to complement Invisalign aligners with other treatments.

If you have such an issue, it is advisable to consult an orthodontist before getting these appliances. The experts will evaluate your dental health to determine if getting aligners is the best option. They can also recommend other treatments to help you fix the crossbite and avoid gum issues.

Open Bite

If your bottom and top teeth can’t overlap or touch when you close your mouth, you may have an open bite. This alignment issue is less common than other types but can significantly affect your physical and oral health.

Failing to fix an open bite may lead to speech and pronunciation problems. Besides, it will wear out the enamel on the back teeth, increasing the risk of chipping and breakage.

Correct an open bite by getting high-quality Invisalign aligners from an orthodontist. With these, you can move the affected teeth at specific times in a process called staging.

Using this technique, your specialist will also pair the movement of both upper and lower teeth. Eventually, the aligners will correct your bite pattern, prevent uneven wear and boost your confidence.

How to Get Invisalign Aligners for Bite Problems

When considering Invisalign aligners for misaligned teeth, it’s advisable to consult an orthodontist. These specialists will assess your overall health and smile to determine the bite issue you have.

After that, they will take an image of your teeth using digital scans. They then send this information to the Invisalign lab, which proceeds to create a custom-made aligner tray.

Once the specialist receives the appliance, they will clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar. They then fit small attachments of the teeth to keep the aligners in place. This entire process is painless and will take about 20-30 minutes.

After fitting the aligners, the orthodontist will check if they fit. The last process is scheduling after-care appointments to track your teeth movement and check if the aligners still fit.

Maintaining Invisalign Aligners

Learning how to care for an Invisalign aligner can protect your oral health and help you get the desired results. An effective way to maintain these appliances is by cleaning them daily with a soft-bristled brush. This process kills harmful bacteria that may cause plaque and tooth decay.

Besides, always remove your aligner trays when eating or drinking to avoid staining them. Taking this precaution also prevents damage that may occur when chewing abrasive foods.

More ways to maintain your aligners are:

  • Brush and floss your teeth at least twice daily
  • Rinse your aligners to remove saliva
  • Store the trays in their case to avoid damage

Another way to maintain your aligners is by soaking them each night. Place Invisalign crystals in a cup of warm water and wait until they dissolve.

Then, place your aligners in the solution and let it sit for about 15 minutes. This process prevents staining and kills bacteria that may cause cavities.

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