Choose Invisalign®, We Did!

“I love Invisalign®.  Why?
Because our patients love it!”

“The incorporation of Invisalign® into our practice has been a game-changer. My Invisalign® journey started in 2016 when I completed my Master’s course in Invisalign® treatment. The most important takeaway was that it demonstrated how capable aligner therapy is in treating many types of complex orthodontic problems. Previously, I had used Invisalign to treat very mild cases of crowding. Learning the skills needed to offer Invisalign® first has opened my eyes to the numerous advantages that Invisalign® offers our patients.”

– Dr. David Wardlaw

Are the




Better Oral Hygiene

You can Enjoy Food!

Fewer Emergencies

Who is a candidate? 

Invisalign® First

Invisalign® First | Ages 7-10

Early treatment used to treat jaw growth problems and crowding.

Invisalign® Teen | Ages 11-17

Used as orthodontic treatment for growing patients. 

Invisalign® | Ages 18+

Used to treat adult orthodontic problems. 

No more goop, no more mess!  Introducing our iTero Scanner

With the explosion of Invisalign® treatment in our practice, we have recently purchased a second iTero intraoral scanner.  It replaces the uncomfortable, goopy impressions.  Scanning is now a 5-minute procedure that is totally comfortable! The iTero scanner even has a feature called an outcome simulator that can show you what your teeth will look like in their new straightened position!  The use of the scanner also ensures maximum appliance comfort and fit.