If you own a computer or a television you are probably aware of advertisements directing you to seek orthodontic treatment using “at home” treatment systems such as Smile Direct Club. The systems direct you to get your teeth scanned at a storefront location or to take an impression of your own teeth using materials sent to your home.
Generally speaking, candidates for this type of treatment must have mild crowding or spacing issues that are limited in scope. Smile Direct Club’s ad say that a licensed dentist or orthodontist reviews patient information during treatment. That is good to hear; however, getting the optimal orthodontic result requires experience, training and a great doctor-patient relationship.
In our office, you are being treated by an orthodontist that is board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics, the highest level of professional credentialing available. Dr. David has also completed a Master’s Program in Invisalign Therapy. All of this training follows the training that he received as an orthodontic resident at Washington University in St.  Louis where he received his Master’s degree in Orthodontics. Dr. David has now treated hundreds of Invisalign patients. This experience has enabled him to treat more complex cases with aligners. There are many dentists, and corporate providers that are offering aligner therapy. Aligners provide a force system, like braces, that straightens the teeth. When you are seeking orthodontic treatment, keep in mind that you are not investing in the aligners, you are investing in an orthodontist that knows what to do with the aligners. That is a critical difference.
Come get your teeth scanned at our office. Come and look at YOUR teeth in their straightened position using our scanner’s Outcome Simulator. Be comfortable with the fact that you have chosen a practice that places quality above all things. We are here to serve you and get to know you. See you soon.