The introduction of Invisalign® Clear Aligners has changed the way people think about orthodontic treatment.  The aligners are nearly undetectable and very comfortable. Recently, a new product called Invisalign® Teen has been introduced.

Invisalign® has been well received in our practice.  Busy teens like the fact that the aligners are removable and easily cleaned.  Decalcified spots from poor oral hygiene while wearing braces are totally eliminated. Emergency appointments due to wire sticks or loose brackets are eliminated as well.

Parents that worry about whether their child will wear the aligners properly can rest easy.  The aligners come with “wear indicators” which turn Blue when they are being worn as prescribed.  Also, Invisalign® will pay to have braces put on a teen’s teeth if treatment is not progressing smoothly.  

Lost aligners, no problem!  Invisalign® will replace four aligners at no charge.  These simple steps remove many of the concerns a parent may have.  In reality, teens that seek Invisalign® treatment are motivated to avoid the “Braces Look”. We have seen virtually no compliance problems in these patients.

Invisalign® Teen is a great option for busy teens and parents.  Contact us to schedule a new patient exam. Our new intraoral scanner replaces uncomfortable impressions and will even show the proposed final result using an outcome simulator. Invisalign® is a very exciting technology that is changing smiles, one smile at a time.