Since completing an extensive Master’s Course in Atlanta two years ago, I am pleased to report that our Invisalign practice is flourishing. This course changed what I thought was possible in aligner orthodontics. The knowledge gained in the course has allowed me to treat complex orthodontic cases that I previously thought were beyond the system’s capabilities. This was an exciting change in our practice. 
From a patient’s perspective, the obvious advantage to undergoing Invisalign treatment is improved esthetics. The aligners are close to invisible, almost undetectable. They fit into today’s busy lifestyles very well. Eating out with friends? No worries. Remove the aligners, enjoy your meal and replace them when you are done. Because the aligners are very stable, unscheduled emergency appointments are practically nonexistent. Also, since the aligners are removable oral hygiene stays at a high level because cleaning the teeth is a snap. 
Maybe one of the most exciting things about aligner treatment is that it is bringing people into our practice that want a beautiful smile but are unwilling to wear traditional braces. This includes business executives and public figures in need of a discreet appliance system. Invisalign just surpassed six million patients that have been treated. I think this is an important milestone and it represents the future of orthodontic treatment. 
If you are one of those that have put off improving your smile due to a reluctance to wear traditional braces, your solution has arrived! Schedule an appointment to find out how Invisalign has been a real breakthrough in the delivery of esthetic orthodontic treatment.