Braces are not just for teenagers anymore. More and more adults are finding the benefit of healthy well-aligned teeth and a beautiful smile.
The good news is there are options when it comes to having those straight teeth. While metal braces are still around and do a great job, Invisalign braces offer a few advantages over traditional wires and metal frames. This makes them a popular choice at any age with active families.
Let’s take a look at five reasons people prefer Invisalign vs braces.

1. The Overall Appearance

The biggest drawback to traditional metal braces is the look. This is especially true for adults wanting straight teeth.
Walking around with metal braces makes someone feel self-conscious and on display. People notice and often comment. This creates an uncomfortable situation regardless of age.
Invisalign solves this problem by being almost undetectable. They are worn while you go about your business and few have any clue unless you decide to share. They also don’t show up in photos, so there is no lasting reminder from pictures.

2. Less Impact on Eating

With metal braces, there is a list of foods that you are told right from the start to avoid. These include popcorn, nuts, gum and sticky candy, ice, and other hard foods. Even fruits and vegetables like apples or carrots are discouraged.
You should not eat anything that can either get caught up in-between the wires or hard enough to break them. This list is pretty extensive and it difficult to follow for a long time.
Since Invisalign trays come out for eating, there are no such restrictions. You can eat what you want when you want. Less time goes into food preparation and there are no issues with eating out.

3. Easier to Care For

Cleaning your teeth with braces is time-consuming and difficult. You must take care to get all the food particles out without damaging the braces or the wires. You can use toothbrushes and flossing sticks designed for use with braces, but it is still a slow process.
As with eating, your Invisalign trays come out for cleaning and brushing your teeth. While you don’t have to worry about what you eat, you do have to thoroughly clean your teeth after eating before putting the trays back in. The trays themselves must also be rinsed and cleaned.
Food left on your teeth can stain the trays.  There is even an increased risk for cavities for food or drink stuck in the trays after eating.
All in all though, the Invisalign system makes it easier to care for both the trays and your teeth.

4. Invisalign vs Braces: The Cost Factor

This can be a bit on the tricky side. Invisalign cost used to be slightly more expensive than traditional braces. However, with recent advances in the technology that goes into imaging and the actual materials, they are now fairly even in price.
There are other things to consider, however. Depending on the treatment or end result you are working towards, Invisalign alone may not work.
There are times when metal braces are required at the end to complete the process. This will, of course, increase the overall cost.
As with any large investment, it is a good idea to weigh all financing options and determine the best solution for the results you wish to obtain.

5. Fewer Office Visits

If you are busy like most people, you don’t have time to constantly going back to the orthodontist’s office for adjustments to braces.
The trays used for the Invisalign system are pre-fabricated specifically for you. You do need to follow the timing and advice of your doctor for switching out, but this does not require an office visit.

Other Things to Consider

While there are definite advantages to using Invisalign over metal braces, there are still a few things to consider.
Not all orthodontic issues can be fixed with this method. A more complex problem may require the use of metal braces to do the job correctly. You don’t want to risk being unhappy with the result just to have the benefit of the trays.
Another issue is the self-discipline factor. Because the trays are easily removed, it takes discipline to keep them in.
They are most effective when worn up to 22 hours a day. Taking them off for eating and cleaning is convenient, but they should be put back in right away. The longer they stay off your teeth, the longer it will take to straighten them.
Time is also a factor. Because of the way metal braces work, the end result is often achieved sooner. Most people are willing to accept the longer time with Invisalign, however, because of the benefits listed above.
Depending on how effective the trays are, some people need Invisalign attachments to successfully move their teeth. They look like buttons and are attached to the tooth and help hold the trays in place. Depending on how many you need, they may be more noticeable than just the trays themselves.

Always Consult With Your Orthodontist

Before any final decision is made, you need a consultation with your Invisalign dentist to determine the best course of action for your situation.
After a thorough examination, they will help determine which treatment is best for your end result goals. If you do proceed with Invisalign, a 3D scan is then done of your mouth.
This scan is used to form the trays you will use. They are all made at the same time and you change them out based on the timing provided by your doctor. By following his advice and these simple guidelines, you will be well on your way to a great smile.

It’s Never Too Late

We all want what is best for our kids, and often put their needs ahead of ours. It is important to know, however, that your teeth and smile are just as important as theirs.
It is never too late to take the steps towards a healthy mouth and beautiful smile. The first step is researching the benefits of Invisalign vs braces for your situation.
We would love to be your orthodontist! For more information on how we can help achieve the results you want, reach out!