Our Mission

Wardlaw Orthodontics provides unsurpassed patient care, resulting in beautiful smiles and lasting relationships.

Our Values

The strength of our orthodontic practice lies in the relationships that we make. It is my opinion that special things happen when patient, staff and doctor share a bond based in trust and admiration.  I believe that this environment makes us different. There are a lot of providers that offer orthodontic treatment. In choosing that provider a patient has much to consider. Obviously, a doctor’s competence and ability to deliver a beautiful smile is important.  Equally important is a well qualified and friendly staff that supports this goal. You will find that our office has been designed to maximize patient comfort in a warm, inviting way.


To best take care of our patients, I completed an orthodontic residency following dental school.   I have sought and received Board Certification from the American Board of Orthodontics. This certification includes a written examination and case presentation to the board.  Also, I recently completed a Master’s Program in Invisalign Treatment. Orthodontics is all I do. My training is what makes a difference.


Our staff and I enjoy a relationship based on friendship, trust and respect.  The strength of that relationship makes a difference in how we care for our patients.  A number of our team members have been in the practice for over 25 years. Their presence and that of our entire team creates the special relationship that our patients enjoy and comment on in their reviews of our practice.  Patients expect for their appointments and treatment to add value to their lives. It is our intention to deliver upon that expectation.


We invite you to become a part of our practice family.  We will take care of you and your orthodontics needs. Being different.  Making a difference in our practice and our community. It’s what we do.

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Our History

Dr. David Wardlaw, known as “Dr. David” to most of his patients, focuses on providing clinical excellence and great results in a pleasant and positive environment.  Dr. David grew up in Little Rock and followed his father’s footsteps to become an orthodontist. He attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry, where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery and then went on to specialize in Orthodontics at Washington University in St. Louis.  Upon graduating in 1989, he joined his father, Dr. Fay O. Wardlaw, at Wardlaw Orthodontics. His father retired in 1997, and Dr. David has been the sole orthodontist at Wardlaw Orthodontics ever since. Dr. David is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, the highest level of orthodontic certification!  This is an achievement reached by only 1 in 3 orthodontists.

“Atmosphere matters.  When a patient arrives at our practice they are warmly greeted.  My staff and I go to great lengths to get to know our patients and have them get to know us.  Developing strong relationships encourages better communication, which culminates in better treatment results.”

-Dr. David

Your journey begins!

On your initial visit, our new patient coordinator will give you a tour of the office.  We will take an x-ray and photographs of your teeth. Patients interested in Invisalign will also have a scan of their teeth that will be used with our Outcome Simulator.  The outcome simulator shows the position of your teeth in their corrected position. Dr. David will review your x-ray and photographs on a large screen television to clearly show you what problems exist.  Financial arrangements will be discussed in detail and appointments will be scheduled to begin your journey to a new smile!